Pride In Purity


But he who glories, let him glory in the LORD

2 Corinthians 10:17

What exactly is Pride in Purity and why should you care? As women, there are certain teachings that our Lord has spelled out specifically within the Bible to give us the guidance we require when confronted by some of life’s challenges. The Pride in Purity series of books was written as a guidebook and reference to help women of all ages to make the correct choices in their lives as supported by the Lord’s word. By following the principles laid out in this series, women will be able to take pride in living their lives in accordance with His word and with the full awareness that they are one of His greatest gifts.

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A word from the author . . .

A “Culture Change” (Acts 17:6-7) is the call and challenge throughout the PrideinPurity series. Sincere prayer and a godly walk from those who call on the name of Jesus (Acts 11:26) will assist women of all ages to live holy unto the Lord. My desire is to inspire women from every culture to commit to reading the Bible and preparing themselves for two very important decisions. Salvation first; possessing a surrendered and obedient relationship with Christ. And Secondly, Marriage; waiting on the Lord’s counsel (Proverbs 21:30) before making a dreadful mistake. May the readers of this book and God’s Word, enable young women to share in these principals; turning the world right-side up (Isaiah 5:20).

Denise Ashurst

Book 1 . . . Pride in Purity

” Solid Foundation “

This is the first of seven devotionals. Solid Foundation is written for women of all ages. For women who desire to hear the voice of God and understand the deep richness and transforming power of His Word. It is written for women who seek the inheritance that was promised before the foundation of the world…



I suppose God had inspired me to write this book many years ago. It had always been my desire to marry before knowing a man intimately, but unfortunately this was not the case. Years of thinking, “If only” and a challenge from a godly woman, led me to search my heart and pray about how I could possibly speak into young girls’ hearts before they make the same mistake – sin. God has now given me the privilege to do just that. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to this devotional with the hope that you would refer to it often, if not daily! Let your physical and spiritual eyes search these pages for solid truths and legitimacy; lining it up with God’s Word and Principles, Acts 17:11. This is the first of seven devotionals. Solid Foundation is written for women of all ages. My heart’s desire is that you would hear the voice of God, understand His Word, and live before Him with pure motives.

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Book II . . . Ribblets

” Growing Pains “

13 – 18 yrs

This is the second of seven devotionals. God created from man, the most stunning, delicate, and beautiful being ever formed. He breathed deeply into the lungs of the “helper” and gave her life. He instructed her heart and mind to obey and make her own choices. And when He opened the eyes of this magnificent creature and took her by the hand; she obeyed the first command and walked alongside Him… Now some two thousand years later, what does this magnificent creature look like?


Book III . . . Lady in Waiting

” Serving While Waiting “

18 – 25 yrs

This is the third of seven devotionals. All eyes are on “the Bride”. Her veil is foreboding but alluring. Around her neck is the purest of pearls. Her dress is impeccable – the train is at least ten yards long and her shoes, well they are made of fine silk for this reserved affair. She is magnificently and beautifully adorned. Yes, all eyes are on this Bride as she glides down letting everyone gaze on her beauty… As she approaches the alter, her mind is on one person, herself… Wait what… Rewind!

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Book IV . . . Man’s Best Friend

” Restoration “

25 – 30 yrs

This is the forth of seven devotionals. Marriage is a gift from God. When a man and woman are joined together, it’s for one purpose; to better serve Him! And just as serving Him, can be a difficult narrow road to walk down, marriage can be that way too. But oh, how sweet it is, when two can walk together and agree… Do you believe that God is a God of restoration? Do you believe that the work He began, He will complete?

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Book V . . . Faithfulness

” Still Accountable “

30 – 50 yrs

This is the fifth of seven devotionals. This book is not for the faint hearted woman. Nor is it for silly women, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth… It is written for the woman who desire to “follow- hard” after God. The words penned in it are tough, but true…

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Book VI . . . Just Getting Started

50+ yrs

This is the sixth of seven devotionals. Baby Boomers are a unique generation; some say, “Fifty” is the new “Thirty”. So what is required of us? Who has this gift of longevity, this fountain of youth? This book gleans from the lives of Abraham and Sarah who were recipients of God’s great wisdom and strength when walking close to Him in the “Golden” years of life. It will reveal that just when you think you’ve accomplished everything in life and you’re ready to settle down; you’ve only just begun!

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Book VII . . . Pure Testimonies

” Heart Cries “

This is the seventh of seven devotionals. Here you will find testimonies that stem from the depths of Hell to the glorious heights of Heaven. Only the humble saints from these pages can truly say…. “One thing I know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

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I love what you are doing and how the Lord is moving you. I know you impacted my two girls lives.


God is going to use this in a mighty way. Thank you for serving our girls. We love you Denise!!


I Love it! and You! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord to put this tool into the hands of young and not so young ladies that need to know, they have a choice!


I am so excited to see the awesome results of this work of Love for women and the lives that they will touch…Wow.


I thank the Lord for the mighty work he is doing through you. Our culture is starving for truth in love and your book could not have come at a better time. Thank you for planting the seeds of wisdom in the hearts of our young women.

About the author

Denise Elizabeth was born in Yonkers, New York to Julian and Regina Howard, and is the sister of Gerald and Gilbert Howard.

Life’s journey led her to twenty years in the Military (Air Force) and over ten years with the Department of Energy. She now resides in Boulder City, Nevada.

Denise is the mother of three beautiful children, Narada, Danielle, and Jay (stepson). She is also a “Mentor” to young women.

But most importantly, Denise loves her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all her heart, mind, and strength.


Our culture is starving for truth in love and your book could not have come at a better time. Thank you for planting the seeds of wisdom in the hearts of our young women. – TC